Bracing Fry dry type
Bracing Fry dry type
Bracing Fry dry type_pairing with sushi
Bracing Fry dry type_pairing with sashimi

Bracing Dry(Domestic)

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Bracing Dry

kikunosatoshuzo / Tochigi

Alcohol content:16%%
Rice:Gohyakumangoku from Tochigi
Ingredients : Rice (domestic), Koji (domestic rice)
Rice polishing rate:60%

・Taste and Flavor

An authentic dry sake with a sharp, refreshing taste and a superbly crisp aftertaste. It is a light sake that can be drunk as many times as you like. It is easy to pair with a wide range of meals regardless of the genre and can be enjoyed easily. In the summer, it is recommended to cool it and drink it with a shot.


Poke, Sashimi, Potato Salads, California roll,  Tempura

・Recommended drinking cups

Straight glass or shot glass to enjoy the cool temperature

・Best suited for

Outdoor events, BBQ, with Japanese food, for feeling refreshed

Bracing Dry_dry taste