Shipping policy

1) About order

a. Countries in which the product can be purchased

You can purchase from the following countries

Japan / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Singapore / Indonesia / Thailand / Korea

Australia / New Zealand

United Kingdom / Estonia / Austria / Netherlands / Greece / Croatia / Switzerland / Sweden / Spain / Czech Republic / Denmark / Norway / Hungary / Finland / Poland / Portugal / Latvia / Lithuania / Romania

◆South America

Depending on your area of residence, the price will be displayed in your local currency, and the price shown will fluctuate depending on the exchange rate of the day. Please note that this does not mean that the price of the product is changing.

2) Delivery method / Shipping fee

Domestic Shipping

Kura Net uses Yamato transport to ship products inside Japan.
The shipping fee is 1,000 yen.

International Shipping

Kura Net uses DHL to ship products outside Japan.

a. Box size

Orders for 1-2 bottles will be shipped in a box containing 2 bottles.
Orders for 3-4 bottles will be shipped in a box containing 4 bottles.
Orders for more than 4 bottles will be shipped in multiple boxes depending on the number of bottles ordered.

b. Shipping costs

For items shipped overseas, shipping fees are not charged, as the price includes shipping.

* In addition to shipping charges, import taxes, customs duties, and handling charges in the country of delivery may be levied on packages shipped overseas. If you need to pay customs duties, etc., the recipient should pay them directly to the shipping company at the time of delivery. Please note that.
*Fuel surcharges are currently skyrocketing and may rise further in the future. Please note that shipping charges may be reviewed depending on the extent of the increase. In that case, we will notify you on our website.

c. Delivery schedule

Please note that the number of days for delivery is an estimate. The number of days will vary depending on the shipping transportation, customs clearance, and local handling conditions.

Asia : 3-5 business days
Oceania : 3-5 business days
Europe : 3-5 business days
South America : 3-5 business days