Amabuki Brewery

"Sake that brings opportunity" crafted by a 300 years old brewery

The Amabuki Shuzo was founded in 1688 in Saga Prefecture, Japan. The brewery's facility was built during the Meiji and Taisho periods, and part of it was registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property in 2013. Their sake is still brewed there which gives special value to their products since those are "brewed in a cultural asset."


Inside a brewery used for events and wedding receptions


We hope that younger and female consumers enjoy sake more

"I fell in love with sake when I met Amabuki's flower yeast sake."
Recently, they have been receiving such gratitude from their customers. Nowadays, when Amabuki shuzo holds events such as sake tastings, more than half of the visitors are female and nearly 70% of all visitors are from the younger generation.


President Sotaro Kinoshita

When President Kinoshita returned to the brewery in 1988, most of Amabuki's products were only distributed locally within the prefecture, and the brand was not well known outside Kyushu. At that time in Japan, sake was perceived to be a beverage for middle-aged men, and young people and women were not part of the buying public. It was precisely because of this situation that Mr. Kinoshita strongly wished to create new and attractive sake. His goal was to create sake that his friends and female acquaintances would really enjoy and want to drink.
He decided that the concepts of sake he should aim for would be "clean aftertaste" and "straight-forward flavor." He aimed to formulate sake that could be enjoyed even by those who were not fond of traditional sake - something that would serve as a "gateway to the world of sake," so to speak. To achieve this goal, his quest has begun.


Tasting is available at the brewery


The ideal sake was brewed with yeast collected from flowers

In 2000, Mr. Kinoshita received a message from Professor Nakata of the Department of Brewing at Tokyo University of Agriculture, which is his old school. The professor's laboratory had succeeded in extracting yeast from flowers in the nature, and was test-brewing sake using it. He visited the laboratory and tasted it. He immediately noticed it was quite close to the ideal sake he had envisioned. Inspired, President Kinoshita started brewing sake with floral yeasts.

The floral yeasts used at Amabuki shuzo range from fruit-derived to flower-derived. Each type of them has its own unique aroma and acidity.
For example, the oshiroibana (four-o'clock flower) yeast is characterized by a gorgeous ginjo aroma which is suitable for junmai-ginjo sake with gentle rice sweetness. The strawberry flower yeast produces sake with a fresh aroma reminiscent of strawberries and a pleasant acidity.

日下信次(しんじ)杜氏Head of brewer Shinji Hinoshita

Three years ago, Mr. Kusaka, who has been a toji (head of brewer) for 30 years, joined the brewery to further improve the quality of their products. Their sake is suitable to be savored as food sake or just to be savored by itself. It is the perfect sake for relaxing weekend time where you watch sports games.



From the brewery

Our sake is characterized by its gorgeous aroma, gentle sweetness and acidity. So it goes especially well with dishes that have sweet and savory tastes. For example, it is a perfect match with sashimi with specific type of soy sauce (tamari soy sauce or sweet Kyushu soy sauce), or grilled chicken seasoned with tare (sauce.) Not just Japanese dishes but it also goes really well with Western foods like mac & cheese or white stew!
Amabuki Brewery continues to evolve so that people around the world will know more about the goodness of sake than ever before!