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Commitment of KuraNet

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team KuraNet / produce unique local sake

Our commitment #1

We want to grow our brand 'Kura Net' together with you. Depending on the characteristics of the region you live in, the taste of sake you are looking for may vary. In some regions, there are many fish dishes, while in others, there are many meat dishes. Some regions may have more spicy food than others. Wouldn't it be great if there was sake to go with these individual food cultures? Different lifestyles call for different kinds of sake. Wouldn't it be great if there was sake to suit your lifestyle, such as watching a sporting event, enjoying an outdoor grill, or relaxing alone at home? So, Kura Net wants to hear from you and produce unique local sake that fits the culture and needs. How would you like to create sake tailored for the local's taste and even work together to promote unique labels tied to the local? In the future, we want such sake to become the true "my local sake" of your homeland. And how nice it would be if you come across unique local sake in different areas you travel. We want to make this dream real and give enjoyable sake experiences to everyone. Do you have a dream sake you wanted to drink? Come with us Kura Net and make it real! If you are interested in our activities, come visit the following Facebook page and join 'Team Kura Net'!
300ML sake bottle / small bottle / easy to try

Our commitment #2

Don't you feel a bit hesitant about buying a 720ml size bottle without knowing if the product is of your taste? Or you may have trouble choosing sake? We hear you. Kura Net's sake products come with a smaller bottle size - 300ml. It makes it much easier to try out new ones and finish them before seeking another one. We have a wide variety of sake with very different tastes. Some are dry, some are fragrant, some go well with food, and some are nigorizake (clouded sake.) The reason why we have different concepts of sake is so that you can compare and find out what you like. Once you know what you like, choosing sake will be even more fun. We want to help you find your personalized taste.
how to enjoy sake / sake cocktail / food pairing

Our commitment #3

Sake is something to be always paired with Japanese food -- is that what you think? That is certainly not wrong, but we would like to break that common sense. Even in Japan, sushi and sashimi are not served every day at the dinner table. Even so, sake naturally appears on the table every day. The reason for this is that sake is made from rice. Given its nature, sake is a drink that goes well with almost any food. Let me introduce you to some pairings of sake and easy homemade snacks. In addition to drinking sake chilled in a sake cup, you are free to drink it in many other ways without thinking too hard. You can drink it in wine glasses, shot glasses, or any other glasses you like. If you feel like it, why don't you try pouring sake over rock ices or drink with some honey added? You can enjoy sake more freely. We would like to provide you with such ideas.

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